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Advanced tools, services and infrastructure for the Canadian mortgage industry.

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We're changing the way mortgage brokers do their job

We are one of the largest and fastest growing super brokerages in Western Canada, and an industry leader in technology and innovation.

Our team is our core, at over 300 agents and counting, and we have made it our mission to evolve the way they do their jobs to make the process easier not only on them, but their clients. We recognize that as government regulation and oversight increases, so do industry challenges, and we work hard every day to equip our team with the cutting edge of technology and services to streamline the mortgage process and save everyone invaluable time and hard earned money.

With ongoing education and collaboration opportunities throughout our Tango community, our ever-growing team of hundreds operates like family. We believe that the best growth is the kind we do together, and with funded volumes surpassing $3.2 billion annually, the thriving and supportive environment of the Tango group of companies is palpable.


Everything a broker needs to succeed

Brokerage, Western Canada

Paragon provides independent mortgage brokers with access to a broad set of lenders, along with top tier compensation and a growing suite of tools and services powered by the Tango group of companies.

Brokerage, BC and Alberta

Compass Mortgage Group is an independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage with offices and agents throughout BC and Alberta.


The people behind Tango






Chairman of the Board


Paragon D.I. / Tango Programs Manager


VP Broker/Agent Relations – Alberta


VP Broker/Agent Relationships – GVA based


VP Broker/Agent Relationships – Interior Based
Dean Larson

The CEO will be responsible for overall company direction and strategies. The CEO will be representing the leadership of the company to the industry at large. Overall growth and profitability of the company and corporate direction will be the ultimate responsibility of the CEO. This role is also to be the prime representative at industry functions when possible. This role reports to the board of directors.

Jason Henneberry

This role is jointly responsible with the CEO for Corporate strategies. This person will also oversee all administrative functions, operational functions, systems, and processes. Concurrently this person will work with the CEO help ensure that the company is moving forward in direction, and help with strategy that will help us stay current with trends and the evolution of the industry.

Steve Rogerson
Chairman of the Board

This role will be a high-level role, and designed for someone with senior level industry knowledge, experience, reputation, and relationships in the mortgage industry. As well this role will be key to the future attraction and retention of mortgage agents into the Tango network.

Nick Douce
Paragon D.I. / Tango Programs Manager

This role is for the purpose of managing the underwriting team, deal access desk team, and out of province compliance and documentation. This role involves personnel management, promoting the programs amongst the brokerages, communication of changes and updates to the program. Working with lenders to manage satisfaction, status levels, and compensation on both the broker and lender end of the transaction.

Sandy Fisher
VP Broker/Agent Relations – Alberta

Alberta is a huge growth potential market for Tango Financial. In addition to the already significant presence of the Paragon and Compass brands in Alberta, this role will be to facilitate growth, and streamline and build organizational processes in Alberta. Promoting regular communication to and within the Alberta team will be a key component. Increasing the prominence of Tango brands in Alberta through sales and marketing efforts will promote growth in that region. A big focus on Calgary networking is currently a key part of this role. This role will work closely with the CEO in recruiting efforts as well as COO strategies for building and streamlining processes. Supporting lender relations, broker support, and escalations will be a key part of this role as well.

Ryan Cooper
VP Broker/Agent Relationships – GVA based

This role will work closely in tandem with Interior based VP to manage the brokers in BC, with some overlap with Alberta based on specific needs. As the GVA has both our longest tenured brokers, and our oldest established brokerage, this role is key for both keeping the culture that has been successful in the past will guiding the brokerage into an evolved future. Another key part of this role is maintaining continuity of relationships with existing brokers as some of the founding management team transitions. Because this is our largest physical office presence, some part of the role will also include office presence and office management.

Lowell Harding
VP Broker/Agent Relationships – Interior Based

This role will work closely with the VGVA based VP to manage relationships with mortgage agents, and help recruiting efforts. Supporting agents, promoting culture in the interior amongst agents, event organization, and fostering lender relations with agents are all key part of this role as with the other VP roles.

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