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Everything a broker needs to succeed

Brokerage, Western Canada

Paragon provides independent mortgage brokers with access to a broad set of lenders, along with top tier compensation and a growing suite of tools and services powered by the Tango group of companies.

Brokerage, Ontario and Maritimes

Brokerage, BC and Alberta

Compass Mortgage Group is an independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage with offices and agents throughout BC and Alberta.

Online Mortgage Team

MortgagePal is a direct-to-consumer team operating under the Paragon brokerage. By working remotely, using advanced tools and advertising online, MortgagePal’s agents can offer fast online services at a fantastic rate.

Business Process Outsourcing

DocAssist offers underwriting and administrative support for mid to high volume mortgage brokers. Our milestone-based pricing drastically reduces the risk and expense a broker faces when hiring and managing their own salaried team.

Product and Pricing Engine

LenderSpotlight is a freemium tool developed to help brokers find the best lender for any situation. It provides accurate, up-to-date information for lender products, rates and underwriting guidelines.

CRM + Marketing

Tango Engage is an all-in-one marketing system with a built-in CRM, designed specifically for Canadian Mortgage Brokers.


The people behind Tango















Dean Larson

Dean Larson has over 20 years of management, sales, and business operation experience. He has a history of ownership and management of various businesses in the technology sector. Mr. Larson managed sales teams of more than 20 people, and was the lead in successfully putting together strategic multimillion-dollar contracts between some of North America’s largest technology companies including Bell HP/Compaq, IBM, and Cisco.

Mr. Larson has been a mortgage broker in British Columbia for 11 years. For the past 6 years he has been building and managing Compass Compass Mortgage Group, a successful mortgage brokerage with offices and agents in Alberta and British Columbia. Mr. Larson was a key part of the sales management team for Alta West Capital Corporation, a large private lending firm from 2009 to 2014 and was in charge of business development in British Columbia. Mr. Larson has been an active board member for many business organizations and charities.  In 2014, Mr. Larson founded Northern Alliance Financial Corporation and Northern Alliance Trust. He is responsible for operations and investor relations.

Dean Larson’s key skills revolve around strategy, and relationship building.

Don MacVicar

A passionate leader, Don co-founded Premiere Mortgage Centre in Halifax in 2006. Since then, Premiere Mortgage has grown from a start-up of just two people into one of the largest independent brokerages in the country – active throughout Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

Today, Premiere originates 4,500 annual mortgage transactions totaling $1.6 billion in annual volume. Don’s honoured that Premiere has received many accolades and awards for the team’s commitment to brokering excellence, including winning the Canadian Mortgage Award (CMA) for Brokerage of the Year, CMA for Best Customer Service, Mortgage Excellence Award for Brokerage of the Year and  VERICO’s Award of Excellence, as well as being named one of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies by Canadian Business-Profit 500 for six consecutive years.

Don’s financial services career was spearheaded back in 1993 in Halifax with a major bank before transferring to Toronto in 1999. He launched his mortgage brokering career in 2000, while still in Toronto, and then moved back to Halifax in 2006 to start Premiere Mortgage as Broker of Record in Nova Scotia.

Much of Don’s success can be attributed to his dedication in cultivating an environment and creating a culture where his team can thrive and surpass their goals while providing clients with the very best mortgage advice and products catered to their unique needs.

Jason Henneberry

Jason Henneberry is an entrepreneur by nature and a tech innovator by practice. President of Tango Financial and founder of DocAssist, LenderSpotlight and MortgagePal, he has been a leader in the real estate and mortgage industry for 15 years and is responsible for having accomplished a number of widely-implemented tech solutions, successful entrepreneurial ventures and a litany of industry accolades.

Jason started out in personal banking and residential mortgages after completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Victoria. He quickly moved into leadership and ownership roles, including a pivotal move into the independent sphere where he could help his clients through a wider range of mortgage products and strategies.

During this time Jason saw tremendous success implementing advanced mortgage and tax planning strategies for homeowners, and this success fueled his pursuit of tech-driven innovations that could re-shape the way brokers build their businesses and deliver their services.

He began to focus his energy on finding opportunities to enhance the mortgage process, engaging others in the pursuit of his vision, and seeing it through to the benefit of mortgage professionals and their clients. As a result, he founded and led companies like DocAssist, an on-demand support system that was recognized with the Best Industry Service Provider Award by the Canadian Mortgage Association. He would go on to win four more awards through the CMA, a testament to the effectiveness of his innovations in infrastructure, systems, and technology for brokerages and financial institutions.

Having already made an indelible mark on the mortgage industry, from individual brokers empowered to do business more efficiently, to the large-scale momentum that’s currently building at Tango Financial, Jason is looking ahead to all the possibilities that are yet to be realized through his current leadership role. His focus at Tango, as with all his initiatives, is to continue building platforms that enable and support growth for mortgage professionals across Canada

Steve Rogerson

Steve has been involved in the mortgage field for the past 30 years, holding senior positions as both a lender and mortgage broker with several large Financial Institutions in a number of regions within Canada. In 2005, Steve decided to leave the banking system to focus on providing choice and personalized service to his clients through Paragon Mortgage Group, becoming one of the first companies to join the Verico Mortgage Brokers Network. With Paragon growing to over 50 Mortgage Planners, Steve focuses his energies on ensuring customers receive top-notch service from our Agents and Lender suppliers.

Kerri Reed

Kerri’s passionate about the mortgage industry and helping coach, mentor and lead agents/brokers towards continued success. For more than a decade she has dedicated her time and resources to supporting her team of Premiere Mortgage Centre agents/brokers across Ontario – encouraging individual growth, which also benefits the entire team. Kerri thrives on helping others become successful and building their confidence so they can achieve anything. Transparent in her leadership approach, Kerri’s willing to help anyone succeed, as long as they’ll work hard at the same time to drive their own success. She fully embraces the company’s culture, which is built on successful agents/brokers who work hard and enjoy being together. Kerri’s goal has always been to create an environment of excellence, leadership, support and sharing. She aligns herself with likeminded people throughout the industry, as she encourages the approach of continuing to grow market share as a united front.

Nick Douce

Nick began his mortgage career in 1975 and has continually worked on many facets of the mortgage business since that time. This includes mortgage origination for major financial institutions, real estate appraisal, foreclosure realization and a 3 year stint with CMHC in the single and multi family approval division. It was a natural progression to form Paragon Mortgage Group with Steve to explore new business opportunities within the mortgage field. Nick brings to the table a wealth of experience that he freely shares with his personal clients and the Mortgage Planners working within the Paragon group.

Sandy Fisher

Our Motto…

“Integrity, Informative, Intelligent”

Following these core principles we strive to provide our clients with the best mortgage solutions available providing a pleasant experience along the way. Every client deserves to be informed of the facts to make a decision that is right for them. In today’s market consumers have an array of products to choose from, it is our responsibility, as mortgage professionals, to act with integrity and offer solutions that are best suited for the customer at hand, YOU! Our team of professionals do just that, act with integrity, keep you informed, and offer intelligent suggestions, in finding the best mortgage product for your individual circumstance. Central to Verico iMortgage Solutions is the belief that having a strong team of professionals working together to achieve common goals is essential.

John Juhlke

John Juhlke is the Director of Operations at Tango financial.  Since 1999, John’s professional roles have led him to develop his natural bias for relationship building and mentorship.  With this approach, he has been able to create a culture of performance and consistency within the teams that he has lead.  He spent the first part of his career as a sales and operations leader at two big brand firms, Pepsi and Labatt.

His success in growing market share and developing sales talent at these two companies led him to his next opportunity in the financial services industry at an independent, Canadian Investment firm.

During his 12 years at the firm, John spent time in various roles such as Vice President of Sales, National Sales Manager and eventually moved into the role of President in 2014.  As President, he spent his time focused on the critical function of the business leading all departments including Sales, Marketing and Communication, Client Services, Key Accounts, Finance and working closely with the Investment Management Team.

John is very proud to be a part of the team at Tango and looks forward to helping the firm lead change and innovation in the mortgage broker community.

Darryll Esch
Kerry Butler

Kerry Butler brings over a decade of industry experience to her role as the Director of Operations for DocAssist. With years spent as a sub-broker and underwriter, Kerry found her passion in harnessing technology to develop processes and systems that have proved to be invaluable to mortgage professionals nationwide. 

After building a proprietary file management system on Salesforce and establishing a team of underwriters and administrators to process high volumes of files, she repurposed the platform in 2015 under a new brand: DocAssist. In the two short years since, DocAssist has consecutively been named CMA’s Best Industry Service Provider for its on-demand admin support services. Today, DocAssist has grown to become an industry standard in providing first-class services and technology tools to the mortgage industry, and Kerry – tagged as a woman of influence by Canadian Mortgage Professional – is excited to continue to pushing the industry forward with innovative ideas and progressive change.

D'Arcy Henneberry
Ryan Stratton

Ryan Stratton is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur with a love for innovation. He’s passionate about opportunities within Tango Financial to spearhead impactful changes in the mortgage brokering industry by building tools and services that provide true value to clients.

Throughout the past 16+ years, Ryan has founded and successfully grown several businesses focused on disrupting traditional markets through technological innovation. A creative thinker and leader, Ryan is a well-respected engineer and mentor within the Victoria and Vancouver technology start-up communities. Early in his career, Ryan worked at large businesses like IBM focusing on sales growth and leading high-performance teams. It was at IBM where he discovered his knack for solving complex technical issues, which led to a transition from sales to engineering. This unique skillset, which includes both business and engineering savvy, provides Ryan with the expertise to evaluate the business case for technology, strategically plan and articulate the technology vision and then successfully execute.

Josh Erickson

Josh is a software developer focused on building data-driven solutions backed by high-quality, maintainable software. He has an academic background in machine learning and has multiple publications on the topics of distributed computing and data mining. Josh previously spent three years building recommender systems and analytics tools that served personalized content to millions of users. Prior to that, he collected a People’s Choice award at IBM CASCON for work on the automated analysis and motion detection of undersea camera footage. At Tango, he joins a very talented and driven group of individuals with the goal of delivering innovative technology to the mortgage industry.

Alan Harder

Alan is responsible for the marketing and design of Tango Financial brands, and fully believes the future of mortgage brokering is online. He enjoys the strategic planning side of brokering and tasks himself with understanding scenarios based on various client perspectives. This enables him to improve the user experience within all services. A lifelong learner, in his free time, Alan studies online data analysis so he can attain a deeper understanding of online mortgage industry needs. His path to brokering began immediately following an interview while he was in the accounting BBA program at Kwantlen University. He’d completed two co-op terms at a credit union and was interviewing for articling positions with accounting firms. When his interviewer described the career trajectory, Alan quickly realized accounting wasn’t a fit. He had a desire to transition into a more entrepreneurial career path. With a strong background in sales and finance, mortgage brokering made perfect sense. And his passion for strategy and marketing led him to help build several brokering tools, which are now part of Tango Financial.


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