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Advanced tools, services and infrastructure for the Canadian mortgage industry.

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We're changing the way mortgage brokers do their job

We are one of the largest and fastest growing super brokerages in Western Canada, and an industry leader in technology and innovation.

Our team is our core, at over 300 agents and counting, and we have made it our mission to evolve the way they do their jobs to make the process easier not only on them, but their clients. We recognize that as government regulation and oversight increases, so do industry challenges, and we work hard every day to equip our team with the cutting edge of technology and services to streamline the mortgage process and save everyone invaluable time and hard earned money.

With ongoing education and collaboration opportunities throughout our Tango community, our ever-growing team of hundreds operates like family. We believe that the best growth is the kind we do together, and with funded volumes surpassing $3.2 billion annually, the thriving and supportive environment of the Tango group of companies is palpable.


Everything a broker needs to succeed

Brokerage, Western Canada

Paragon provides independent mortgage brokers with access to a broad set of lenders, along with top tier compensation and a growing suite of tools and services powered by the Tango group of companies.

Brokerage, BC and Alberta

Compass Mortgage Group is an independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage with offices and agents throughout BC and Alberta.


The people behind Tango






Chairman of the Board


VP Underwriting Support


VP Sales Alberta


Regional Manager


Regional Manager
Dean Larson

Dean Larson has over 20 years of management, sales, and business operation experience. He has a history of ownership and management of various businesses in the technology sector. Mr. Larson managed sales teams of more than 20 people, and was the lead in successfully putting together strategic multimillion-dollar contracts between some of North America?s largest technology companies including Bell HP/Compaq, IBM, and Cisco.

Mr. Larson has been a mortgage broker in British Columbia for 11 years. For the past 6 years he has been building and managing Compass Compass Mortgage Group, a successful mortgage brokerage with offices and agents in Alberta and British Columbia. Mr. Larson was a key part of the sales management team for Alta West Capital Corporation, a large private lending firm from 2009 to 2014 and was in charge of business development in British Columbia. Mr. Larson has been an active board member for many business organizations and charities.? In 2014, Mr. Larson founded Northern Alliance Financial Corporation and Northern Alliance Trust. He is responsible for operations and investor relations.

Dean Larson’s key skills revolve around strategy, and relationship building.

Jason Henneberry

Jason Henneberry is an entrepreneur by nature and a tech innovator by practice. President of Tango Financial and founder of DocAssist, LenderSpotlight and MortgagePal, he has been a leader in the real estate and mortgage industry for 15 years and is responsible for having accomplished a number of widely-implemented tech solutions, successful entrepreneurial ventures and a litany of industry accolades.

Jason started out in personal banking and residential mortgages after completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Victoria. He quickly moved into leadership and ownership roles, including a pivotal move into the independent sphere where he could help his clients through a wider range of mortgage products and strategies.

During this time Jason saw tremendous success implementing advanced mortgage and tax planning strategies for homeowners, and this success fueled his pursuit of tech-driven innovations that could re-shape the way brokers build their businesses and deliver their services.

He began to focus his energy on finding opportunities to enhance the mortgage process, engaging others in the pursuit of his vision, and seeing it through to the benefit of mortgage professionals and their clients. As a result, he founded and led companies like DocAssist, an on-demand support system that was recognized with the Best Industry Service Provider Award by the Canadian Mortgage Association. He would go on to win four more awards through the CMA, a testament to the effectiveness of his innovations in infrastructure, systems, and technology for brokerages and financial institutions.

Having already made an indelible mark on the mortgage industry, from individual brokers empowered to do business more efficiently, to the large-scale momentum that?s currently building at Tango Financial, Jason is looking ahead to all the possibilities that are yet to be realized through his current leadership role. His focus at Tango, as with all his initiatives, is to continue building platforms that enable and support growth for mortgage professionals across Canada

Steve Rogerson
Chairman of the Board

Steve has been involved in the mortgage field for the past 30 years, holding senior positions as both a lender and mortgage broker with several large Financial Institutions in a number of regions within Canada. In 2005, Steve decided to leave the banking system to focus on providing choice and personalized service to his clients through Paragon Mortgage Group, becoming one of the first companies to join the Verico Mortgage Brokers Network. With Paragon growing to over 50 Mortgage Planners, Steve focuses his energies on ensuring customers receive top-notch service from our Agents and Lender suppliers.

Nick Douce
VP Underwriting Support

Nick began his mortgage career in 1975 and has continually worked on many facets of the mortgage business since that time. This includes mortgage origination for major financial institutions, real estate appraisal, foreclosure realization and a 3 year stint with CMHC in the single and multi family approval division. It was a natural progression to form Paragon Mortgage Group with Steve to explore new business opportunities within the mortgage field. Nick brings to the table a wealth of experience that he freely shares with his personal clients and the Mortgage Planners working within the Paragon group.

Sandy Fisher
VP Sales Alberta

Our Motto?

?Integrity, Informative, Intelligent?

Following these core principles we strive to provide our clients with the best mortgage solutions available providing a pleasant experience along the way. Every client deserves to be informed of the facts to make a decision that is right for them. In today?s market consumers have an array of products to choose from, it is our responsibility, as mortgage professionals, to act with integrity and offer solutions that are best suited for the customer at hand, YOU! Our team of professionals do just that, act with integrity, keep you informed, and offer intelligent suggestions, in finding the best mortgage product for your individual circumstance. Central to Verico iMortgage Solutions is the belief that having a strong team of professionals working together to achieve common goals is essential.

Ryan Cooper
Regional Manager
Lowell Harding
Regional Manager

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